Benefits of massage include
* Aids weight loss
* Relieves aches and pains and help to tone the muscles
* Relaxation of tight muscles and helps with stiff joints
* Increases blood circulation
* Stimulates the lymphatic system to aid the removal of waste products in the body
* Improves skin colour/texture/elasticity and breaks down fatty tissue
* Stimulates and soothes nerve endings in the skin
* Aids exfoliation process
* Softens and moisturises skin
* Helps stimulate metabolism naturally and improve general health

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Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

A deep pressure massage which concentrates on relieving stress and tension in the back, neck and shoulders.

Helps to soothe tight sore muscles and relieve the build-up of tension nodules

Full Body Massage

A deep pressure massage which relieves tension and stress from the body.

Includes back, shoulders, neck, legs, arms, stomach, and chest. A good massage for people who participate in a demanding sport. Massage is used to maintain physical health as well as inducing relaxation. It helps to alleviate the build up of stress and tension in the muscles from every day use.

Hot Stone massage

Hot stone therapy is an exciting massage treatment sweeping the country. Basalt stones are heated and applied to the body in totally unique, and super relaxing ways.
Harmonizing, restoring and rejuvenating the body at its deepest level.

Hot stone therapy goes beyond the physical experience of typical massage and enters deeper dimensions of relaxation, health and well-being. Physically the circulation and metabolism are stimulated; mentally the client reaches a state of deep relaxation and spiritually is balanced whilst healing takes place. Hot stone therapy combines traditional massage with the use of smooth, heated basalt stones, which are applied to the body as an extension of the therapists hands.

The massage is 10 times more effective than a normal massage. The warmth of these heated stones penetrates muscles and balances the nervous system like no other treatment. Crystals can be used during the treatment to help balance the bodys energy chakras.
Benefits include
* Deeper relaxation than standard massage techniques
* Toxin removal
* Increases range of motion
* Calms the nervous system
* Increases rate and flow of blood circulation
* Provides relaxation, decongestion and detoxification
* Accelerates lymph drainage

Customers are confident that they can count on discretion and a professional service. They know they will leave the salon feeling and looking their best.

Spray Tanning : Whole body

Indulge yourself with the richest looking self tanner in the most luxurious way. We use the amazing sienna x spray tan which will make you look tanned and glamorous on your big night out.

This treatment includes a head to toe tan.


Spray Tanning : half body

Using the sienna x tan we will give you a half body glorious spray tan.

A half body can be just your legs or a choice of what parts of your body you are exposing on your big night out.




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